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Milk Cream Separator Machine

Use this milk cream separator machine to produce cream from milk. This machine separates thick cream from milk, which can be further utilized to make butter in butter churner.


Butter churning is a simple process. Continuously, the cream is stirred at high speed. Cream is essential for the production of butter. It is ideal to use a milk separator and butter churner to make butter.

Paneer Making Machine

Paneer is the most popular dairy product, especially in Indian households. Milk is curdled and strained in order to make paneer. Dairy plants of all sizes can get this paneer making machine to make paneer in desired quantities.


Use this ghee to separate the ghee residue from the ghee. Clarified ghee passes through its outlet, while the residue left after the process is collected in the sludge space.

Khoya Making Machine

The Indian sweets manufacturers can now make khoya in batches using this khoya making machine. All you need is milk and this machine to make khoya. This is a primary ingredient in many traditional Indian sweets.

Food Machinery

This array of food machineries is used for producing snacks and sweets. Accessible in different production capacity based choices, this range of machines is popular for its  advanced mechanism and low maintenance design. These high speed systems can be availed at reasonable rate from us.


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